Human Resources

We, at Toyota Boshoku Türkiye, aim to become a company that inspires its customers the world over by creating tomorrow's automoile interior space.

Within this scope, Toyota Boshoku Türkiye's mission is to produce innovative products exceeding our customers' expectations via our unique innovative technology, to protect nature, to build trust within our shareholders and grow with them.

"Design your passion with TOYOTA BOSHOKU"

What we expect from our candidates?

As an employer, there are certain competencies that we expect both from our employees and employee candidates.

What we look for are:

*trustworthiness *integrity  *teamwork  *continuous improvement (Kaizen) *self-confidence *problem-solving *customer & quality focus skills.  

About our recruitment process

Office Employees

We announce our job vacancies through

With candidates who meet pre-requirements, we successively conduct English language test, phone interview, face to interviews with our recruiting team and hiring department. For some positions, we may also have additional steps like technical examination or second language (Japaneese) test.

Required qualifications for each position are variable and clearly stated in job posts.

Production Employees
We accept applications in person in our locations.

After applications, we continue with candidates who meet pre-requirements and subject them to job entrance exam and medical examination.  

Upon successful completion of above steps, we invite our candidates to our technical skills test and finalize the hiring process.

Required qualifications are as the following:

  • Graduated from High School or Vocational Technical High School
  • Aged below 30

In terms of trainings, we have a Kaizen approach just in all other areas.  


With this in mind, we have designed a special training program (LEAP – Leadership Approach) in order to response to every learning and development need of our employees from all grades.

Every year, we create an annual training map and ensure growth & development of each employee with LEAP mindset.  

Besides, we organize technical trainings for our employees as per departmental requests.

Hereby, we not only grow our employees’ soft skills, but also encourage their technical competency growth.

Fundamentally, we base our trainings on 2 main practices.



‘’TB Way’’ is one of the 8 values of our company.

Our biggest priority is to deliver TB Way trainings & model them for our new employees in order to internalize these values as of Day 1.

This training helps our employees adopt TB Way values when they are doing their daily work.


OJD (On the Job Development)

OJD is the second foundation of Toyota Boshoku Türkiye training philosophy.

We believe learning happens with experience; thus our new employees get most of their trainings on the field and learn by observing and directly experiencing themselves.  

While this methodology helps our employees streghten their problem-solving skills, it also supports their understanding TB Way.

We strongly believe that learning from experience is the most crucial part of learning & development.

  • Social aid on top of salary
  • Comprehensive private health insurance after 6th month of company seniorty
  • Special days reward system (Service year, Marriage, Birth etc.)
  • Kaizen reward and recognition system to encourage employees for continous improvement
  • National & foreign training and development programs to invest in employee career development 
  • Internal and external social and sports activities (Family Day, Department Dinner, Culture Tours, Tournaments etc.)

Technical & Vocational High School Internship

Every year, we offer part time internship (3 days a week) opportunity to students studying at Technical & Vocational High Schools located near Sakarya.

We consider this project as one of our social responsibility activities and provide high school students with real work experience in order to contribute to their growth.

Students who are interested may apply for this program via their schools or in person.


University Internship

We have 2 different programs for university students; they are short term (summer) and long term internships. 

We announce our internship program applications through and university portals.

Successively, we conduct English exam, HR interview and Department interview with our candidates in order to evaluate their competencies.  

With this program, we aim to meet our future colleagues during their university years and give them a chance to internalize TB Way approach & Toyota Boshoku production principles and get an early job offer from Toyota Boshoku Türkiye.

In order to check and apply for our current vacancies, you may access to link and apply now!