While our entire society must further increase awareness of environmental issues, businesses also are being required to make great efforts in establishing a "recycling-base society." 

So as to pass along a rich, abundant environment to succeeding generations, Toyota Boshoku makes it a practice to purchase parts, materials, and indirect materials from business actively working to preserve the environment. This approach is being promoted as "Toyota Boshoku Green Purchasing."

Under the "Green Purchasing Guidelines," we request the following to our suppliers.

  • So as to promote management of andachieve continuous improvement in environmental preservation activities throughout the organization, all suppliers are to establish "environmental management systems" based on external ISO 14001 certification.
  • To ensure thorough management of environmentally hazardous substances, the types and amounts of all chemical substances in the parts, materials, and indirect materials comprising any product must be reported when the product is newly adopted.
  • All information and data concerning banned and controlled substances, CO2 emissions, and other environmentally-related information for products must be reported.