Top Message

Established in 1997, Toyota Boshoku Turkiye (TBT) has always aimed for improvement and put forth the necessary effort during its quarter-century journey.

We strive to contribute to industry culture of Turkiye and Sakarya by uncompromisingly implementing TPS (Toyota Production System) which has its roots in the precepts set by our founder Sakichi Toyoda 100 years ago.


Being aware that our products are the most within sight and most human contacting in the automobile interior, we, with a sense of responsibility feel a strong sense of responsibility to prioritize the "Customer First" approach in everything we do.


At our company, we place utmost importance on employee happiness by providing modern working conditions that adhere to Japanese culture which values perfect law abidance, respect for humans, acceptance of all differences, and respect for all cultures.


As stated in our company's purpose, we aim to craft happier journeys with our stakeholders and aspire to build long-term trust relationships. We share our corporate competencies with all our stakeholders with whom we embark on this journey hand in hand, and at the same time, do our best to benefit from their competencies.


For social issues such as human rights and the environment, we will do our part while striving to raise awareness in society.


We will continue to pursue growth while aiming to contribute to the prosperity of the country and the city by fulfilling our responsibilities to our customers, business and governance stakeholders, our employees, business partners and society.


Best Regards,

President & CEO