Toyota Boshoku Türkiye has been in operation in Turkey
since 1997 as one of the manufacturing base of global
Toyota Boshoku group and we are proud of being a
company keeping on evolving, growing and improving itself
day by day.

Our global President, Dr. Toyoda has defined the
importance of  “Automotive Interior Space” as below:

The “Interior Space” that we provide is a place people
touch and feel as well as spend a lot of time in. That's why
we aim to ensure the time spent there is irreplaceable.

Turkey’s young, well-trained, skilled and high qualified workforce plays a key role for ensuring high quality and excellent products to achieve
safe & appealing “Automotive Interior Space”.

Our company DNA and culture is based on “Toyota Boshoku Way (TB Way)”. TB Way is a guide that simply teaches us “Challenge, Kaizen (Improve), Mission, Professionalism, Global Mind, Harmony with Society, Respect & Teamwork”, in other words, teaching us a common sense in our actions in work and private life.

Even as the times change, our philosophy remains the same to contribute to society by delivering valuable, high-quality components to customers when required and at a reasonable price.

As Toyota Boshoku Türkiye, we are united in our determination to achieve manufacturing that meets the confidence and expectations of our customers all over the world.


Halim Turhan