31.5.2011 COAST GUARD OFFICERS VISIT TBT A group of officers from İzmir Coast Guard Command visited TBT to enhance their knowledge on Toyota production system.
3.1.2011 TOYOTA BOSHOKU TÜRKİYE AWARDED "BEST IMPROVEMENT SYSTEM" AWARD Toyota Boshoku Türkiye has been awarded ""Best Improvement System Award" by CI CERT.
23.6.2010 BMW VISITS TBT Managers from luxury car maker BMW visited Toyota Boshoku Turkiye.
19.6.2010 TBT LADIES' TEAM WINS GOLD AT TRADITIONAL TOYOTA EKIDEN RACE Toyota Boshoku Türkiye's Ladies' team won gold medal at traditional Toyota Ekiden race.
8.4.2010 2010 ANNUAL SUPPLIER MEETING As an annual event, "Annual Supplier Meeting" has been held at "Sakarya Chamber of Trade and Commerce" .
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